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Alexander Georgiev


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Master of Sports in Kickboxing and a licensed Kickboxing Coach. Has black belts in Traditional Karate (2nd dan), Kyokushin Karate (1st dan), Taekwondo (1st dan), Jiu Jitsu (1st dan).
Worked for 15 years in the Ministry of Interior, specializing in anti-terrorism. Participated in more than 100 arrests of the specialized detention unit for particularly dangerous criminals. Has passed all courses for self-defense and hand to hand combat in the systems of the Ministry of Interior of Israel, Germany and France.

Owner and senior coach of the Top Fighters Kickboxing Club; a club with a 15 year history. The members of the club have participated in dozens of international and national tournaments. Since the beginning of the club they have won hundreds of awards and dozens of gold, silver and bronze medals. The strongest contribution to the success of the club are its most experienced students, his sons - Georgi Georgiev and Vasil Georgiev.

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