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  • Ki O Tsuke: Extend your spirit (Attention!) 


  • Shomen: Those before us 


  • Sensei: Teacher


  • Rei: Bow


  • Seiza: Sit properly


  • Mokuso: Meditate


  • Kiritsu: Stand


  • Yasume: At ease


  • Uchikomi: Repetition training


  • Randori: Free sparring


  • Hajime: Start


  • Yame: Stop


  • Mate: Wait


  • Osu: Osu is a contraction of two words. Oshi meaning “Push”. Shinobu meaning “to Endure”. Thus, Osu can mean patience, determination and perseverance. When you are pushing yourself beyond your limits, you use Osu!


  • Dojo: Place of the way


  • Ukemi: Receiving body (the art of falling)

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