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On Injuries, Overtraining and Recovery

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I have an injury, what should I do?

Stop training and go to the doctor. It is that simple and yet people continue to ignore this advice and force themselves to train more and more.


If it’s not that serious, a continuous cold shower immediately after training is advisable for the injured area or for the joints in order to decrease inflammation. That + Ibuprofen, and some sort of gel or cream should do the job.


Do not take ibuprofen or painkillers before training!!! 


Numbing the pain in the short run and forcing yourself to train will lead to further injury. Same goes for compressing the injured area while training. 


You should be interested in the long run. Skipping a week of class if you have decided to train for the next 20 years or a lifetime, is not going to make a difference! 


What will make a difference is ignoring your injuries for the next 5 years until your body breaks down completely and you are unable to continue.


If you would like to attend class with an injury for the social benefits, without training, you are welcome to. 


Note! Chiropractitioners and masseuse are not doctors and have no medical training! Any adjustment done by them can lead to serious nerve damage.

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On Оvertraining

Luckily overtraining is easy to spot. It usually starts with an inability to sleep after training

and an increased heart rate as well as cold sweats. 


It is a good idea to take Paracetamol to help you through those initial symptoms.


If you continue to train with the same intensity, however you will start noticing more serious symptoms such as decreased sexual drive, lack of interest, grumpiness, constant tiredness, increased hunger.


Moreover, your immune system will start to deteriorate and you will start getting sick more

often and getting injured easier.


It is usually the people around you who will be the first to notice those symptoms and it

will take its toll on them.


In this case, it is best to take some time off of training to regain interest, balance yourself and

to allow your body to heal.

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How can I decrease my recovery time?

Disregarding all the supplements that might be taken (which is not advisable), in a home setting - alternating hot and cold showers, especially for the limbs and problematic areas is a good way to start. The purpose of the alternating shower is to flush away lactic acid from the muscles. A more serious way to recover is frequent visits to the spa, especially after training - sauna, steam bath and ice rooms. Professional sports massages are also very beneficial.

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