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Necessary Equipment

For the first months of training, no uniform is required until the student has decided that they will make a serious commitment to the martial art and the school. The best clothes to wear are a tight T-shirt and long sports pants. No zippers are permitted on the tatami. 


Once you decide to commit to the martial art, you are required to have a white or blue gi, a rashguard, spats, shorts, a groin guard, and a mouthguard. You can order a gi through the school and we can help you with sizing. 


Tip: Transparent mouthguards tend to turn yellow after a while.


At our school, we believe that it is not becoming of a martial artist to display bright, non-traditional colored gis, or other types of fightwear. Moreover, it is prohibited to compete with a gi that is not white or blue.


After the first week of training, all students should obtain a mouthguard and men should obtain a groin guard of a semi-hard material, not a hard cup since they tend to break. They are mandatory during training. 

School patches will be provided for you in the school. They require a purchase. 

Rashguards must be worn at all times under the gi. You should choose a rashguard that has sufficient space in which the logo of the school can be hot-pressed both on the back and in the front, in the heart area. 

Also it is advisable to bring yourself a reusable water bottle.


It is obligatory to have slippers. Also bring yourself a towel and shampoo.


Tip: Instead of wearing underwear under the gi or the spats, wear short tights for running. Underwear can restrict your movement.

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