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School Rules

All students are required to read, learn and follow the rules of the school.

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  • Arrive at class before it starts (10-15 min earlier). 


  • Make sure you go to the bathroom before you come on the mat.


  • If you are late, enter the mat area with a bow. If the instructor is showing a technique, kneel at the end of the mat and wait until the instructor calls you into class. Upon entering, bow to the instructor. 


  • If you cannot stay in class after it starts please discuss it with the instructor.


  • Always bow when entering or exiting the mat.


  • Remove slippers before entering the mat.


  • Always wear slippers if you need to leave the mat for any reason.


  • Respect must be shown toward the instructor, fellow classmates and guests at all times.


  • Always show respect toward the school and its equipment.


  • All students will use proper vocabulary while on the mat.​


  • Pay attention! Raise your hand before asking questions during class. Other than questions and comments, talking during class is not recommended.


  • Sit or stand on the mat when instruction is taking place or when class is in session, but NEVER lie down on the mat. 


  • You are not allowed to laugh at mistakes made by other students. 


  • Any student who bullies other students or anyone else at the school will not be allowed to continue training.


  • Any student acting in a behavior that is not in alignment with the behaviour of а martial artist will have their membership terminated.

  • Techniques will not be shown by the students to non-members. Without proper training and awareness, these skills may be improperly used.


  • Students will only use techniques outside the school as a means of self-defense. Martial arts are not to be used with malice. Avoid conflicts and never utilize your martial arts skills unless you or a loved one are seriously threatened of bodily harm. It is always better to talk your way out of and/or walk away from potential altercations. 


  • NEVER criticize other martial arts, systems, schools and/or other students.

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Dress Code

  • All students must wear the Thrace Jiu Jitsu logo on their uniforms. Other school logos are not allowed. The Thrace Jiu Jitsu logo must be worn over the heart and on the back of the gi, as well as on the rashguard. Instructors from other schools and martial arts, as well as guests, are permitted to wear their own patches while visiting. 


  • If a member of another school joins the school and already has another patch, they must remove the patch immediately after joining the school and replaced it with the Thrace Jiu Jitsu logo. 


  • All uniforms must be clean and free of tears, rips or stains.


  • The gi should be worn for rank testing and formal events such as visits by guest instructors.


  • Female students should wear a sports bra under their rashguard and gi tops. 


  • Students with long hair must tie it back. 


  • All tattoos should be covered at all times during class with a rashguard or the gi. Tattoos on the face, neck, hands, and feet area are not allowed, and students that have them will not be allowed to train in the school. 


  • Personal cleanliness is essential. Please attend to all aspects of personal hygiene. Fingernails and toenails must be kept short, deodorant must be worn, breath must be clean and the use of make-up, perfume/cologne is not allowed.


  • DO NOT attend class if you are sick, or have some type of skin disease. You will not be allowed to train. 


  • No jewellery is allowed to be worn during class.


  • No eating or drinking is permitted on the mat, except for water, which includes the locker rooms.


  • No smoking is allowed in the vicinity of the school. 


  • Men should wear a protective cup during class whether or not they are sparring. 


  • Always use a towel to wipe down any equipment after use.


  • Students are expected to help with the cleaning of the school after each session.


  • NO consumption of alcohol or drugs prior to class is allowed. Any student suspected to be training under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave immediately. Violation of this rule may result in termination of one’s membership.

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Sparring Etiquette

  • For sparring, men and women should have mouth guards and men should have a groin guard.

  • When performing a technique, bow to your partner before engaging. This will ensure that your partner is ready to participate. Wait for a response!

  • When applying a joint lock or hold, do so with slow and continuous pressure until your partner says “tap” or taps out.

  • Always “Tap” early. Don’t wait until the last moment.

  • Be aggressive in your skills but not toward your partner. DO NOT be overly competitive.

  • DO NOT seek to harm fellow students physically (i.e. cranking a submission harder than necessary to make them tap, using your superior size and weight on a physically smaller person). 

  • Give the person performing the technique constant feedback.

  • Spatial Awareness: Before executing a takedown, make sure the mat is clear.

  • Pre-existing or health conditions must be declared and communicated to your partner.

  • Students must not wear contact lenses or glasses during sparring.

  • If you are injured or in pain other than pain compliance, tell the instructor immediately.

  • In case of open wounds, all blood must be sanitized; use the first aid kit to cover all open wounds before class and as they occur.

  • Students are not permitted to practice techniques which they have not been formally trained by an instructor.

  • We are all responsible for each other’s safety so all students must watch out for each other.

  • Work at your own pace.

  • Students of a lower belt are not allowed to ask students of a higher belt to spar with them,  they must wait for the opposite. 

  • No knee bars or heel hooks, unless they are being trained at the moment. 

  • No wrist locks.

  • No calf or biceps slicers. 

  • No locks or extension of the spinal cord and neck (can opener, twister, etc.)


  • No direct pressure on the larynx.

  • No slams

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