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0-5 months

№ Lesson

1  Fighting stance. Focus on working with the upper part of the body - left straight, right straight. At first static, then dynamic. Defense from left straight and right straight. Static and dynamic blocks.​

2  Working with the feet. Movement forward, backward and sideways. Left front kick, right front kick plus defending them. ​

3  Combination work with the hands and feet. Coordinated attack with the hands and feet, static and dynamic.​

4  Side blows with the hands – hooks and others. Static and dynamic. Protection, blocks and movement.​

5  Side kicks - show kick, missile kick. From left and right, static and in motion. Protection, blocks and movement.​

6  Combining hand and feet techniques with side kicks, static and dynamic. Low kick, middle kick.​

7  Working in pairs, Example combinations: one attacking and the other defending. Focus on linear attacks.​

8  Working in pairs. Example: attacks and defenses. Focus on side blows.​

9  Working in pairs. Mixed attacks from straight and side blows and dynamic defense.

​10  Working in pairs. Example attacks: Counteracting  with a block, grip and a lock or a throw.​

5-10 months

10-15 months

15-20 months

20-25 months

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