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I first started training MMA at the Duncan Training Center in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 2009.


In 2010, I became interested in BJJ and started training under the guidance of Mathieu Peters at the Jiu Jitsu Factory, where I was awarded my Blue Belt in January 2013. During the same time I started training Kickboxing, as well.

Upon my return to Bulgaria, in 2013, I continued training in Sofia, Bulgaria and also started co-training judo.


I spent about a year in Sofia but then decided to move to Chicago, Illinois and started training with Jay Valko at Valko BJJ. I trained with him for about two and a half years.

Upon my return in 2016, I again continued training in Sofia. 

I received my purple belt in 2020 from my good friend Peter Pentchev who is currently affiliated with GF Team. 

I founded Thrace Jiu Jitsu in 2020 with the purpose of passing on my knowledge to my students and continuing my self-development and growth.

I received my brown belt in 2024 again from my good friend Petar Pentchev.

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